Therouanne to Amettes

Hi to everyone!

Today was another very pleasant day.. Especially now, as I’m writing this, I’m sitting in the delightful Gite of Mme Gevas, after consuming a glass of Saumur vino…tres,tres magnifique!

We are staying tonight in Amettes at La Ferme des 2 tilleuls, a very old Gite..the original building being built in the year 1610! My room is quaint, at the top of a very narrow, spiral staircase…the imprints of countless footprints worn into the boards.


The attention from our hosts to our comforts, is again…impeccable! I’m sitting at their kitchen table as I write this and the aromors wafting from the oven for the evening meal, are truly mouthwatering!

We left Therouanne this morning at about 8.30 and walked the roughly 18 kms to Amettes, in fine conditions : )

20120427-183631.jpgOur lovely hosts in Therouanne.

We walked with Marc today, who we had met the day before.


It was a really lovely walk today..not too long and through some very pretty countryside. The way took us along country roads and also through fields and lanes. I love walking through these areas..very similar to some parts of Spain that I have walked through, where… a church spire or village appears, as if out of nowhere.



We had two stops today, at Enquin- Les – Mines, where we stopped for coffee at a local bar and then Ligny- les-Aire, where we perched ourselves on a bench outside a gorgeous old church and ate our lunch of fresh baguette, sensational cheese and fruit : )


I smiled to myself as I walked, as many memories of the canine brigade along the Camino came flooding back..




I just want to show you all a couple of other photos that took my fancy : )




Well, sadly …I must go now! Our dinner is about to be served, Madame is dressed in all her finery…it looks like a promising feast : ) I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow!

Love to all,

Netia X

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