Licques to Wisques

Hi there!

Well what a day! It was a great one though with many challenges and a very happy ending : )

We woke this morning to clear skies…chilly though but with a gentle stillness in the air.

Breakfast consisted of yummy French bread and pastries, jam and fruit, all washed down with copious cups of tea.

After much discussion about the weather and what we would need to wear in order to walk most comfortably we set off at about 8am, hoping to walk the 24 kms to Wisques…..actually it ended up being 26.7 km, mainly I think due to the fact that we took one or two wrong turns…our own fault.. We used Alison Rajus guide again today and it was excellent..taking us through some lovely, picturesque French countryside.


It was shortly after we started on our way and the morning had progressed slightly…that the heavens shroud us in a fine mist like rain….which to begin was very beautiful…and really highly enjoyable. There was a silent, gentleness about the the walk.


It wasn’t long though before the skies broke and the gentle mist turned to steady light rain. Out came all the gear! Double layer gloves, thermals, fleece,neckwarmers gortex jacket and pants!


Strangely, in the first part of the day, as we walked through these conditions, it really was very enjoyable. We had a sense of being totally autonomous, snuggly cocooned in our clothes that we carried on our backs and thoroughly enjoying the beautiful surroundings and the sights along the way.




We stopped for coffee at a cute little bar in a village called Regergues. The owner was very welcoming and the coffee very good! We peeled off our damp gloves and rain jackets and draped them over the hydronic heaters.. Then enjoyed steaming coffee and warmth!


The afternoon deteriorated to heavy rain, high winds and icy conditions….not nice : (
The tracks became quite muddy in places and it took great strength and determination to continue on in good spirits…but we did : )


20120426-081333.jpg This is the view overlooking the village where we stopped for lunch in Acquin-Westbecourt.

We finally arrived in Wisques and stayed the night at the wonderful Abbey Notre Dame.



I’m writing this the next morning now as my Internet died last night : )
We have had such a lovely time here…last night we shared a meal provided by the nuns with the others staying here..mostly French speaking and then had a very, very early night!

  • 20120426-082153.jpg

    I have to sign off now as the Internet is so slow….we are enjoying a simple breakfast of toast and tea and off we go to Therrouanne ….about 15 kms away.

    Have to rush!!

    Love Netia : ) x

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    4 Responses to Licques to Wisques

    1. Sally Rogers says:

      Great determination …!! The wet weather must be so depressing when you are walking…:(
      Enjoy ,as we enjoy reading about your journey !!xx

    2. Elizete says:

      I have been thinking a lot of all of you and sending much love. Keep well and determined xxx

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