Guines to Licques

Hi…..from a very tired Netia !

Seems such a long time ago that we left Australia but in reality it’s only one short week : ) So many exciting things have happened, so much to see and also new relationships to be cemented, I met Jill for the first time at the airport…and thankfully she’s absolutely delightful and a pleasure to walk with! Jo and I met many years ago, when our girls were at kindergarten but have only reconnected fairly recently, through our mutual interest in the Camino Frances. I can cheerfully say though both girls are wonderful walking companions. On any long distance walk one needs much time for reflection and introspection..this is one of the great beauties of setting out on a extended walking adventure… as a result there’s a need to protect your personal space and also respect that of your companions.. but similarly there’s also a great need for comradeship, fun, laughter and support….I think we have the perfect combination : )

I think one of the most stressful occurrences for us will be the finding and securing of accommodation along the way. We are trying to book at least 48 hours in advance but even then me have to be mindful of terrain, weather, injuries….which we hope there are few…etc , as there are so many situations, where circumstances can alter. This walk is far removed from the Camino in that respect…where the infrastructure is totally geared to accommodating the needs of the pilgrim.
I was indeed spoilt and very lucky, when I walked the Camino last year, as I was able to call on the expert services of Garry Budrin from Spanish Adventures. He has a small but incredibly organised business, which for me was a blessing. He organised my lodgings each night…more often than not with wonderful Spanish families where I was made to feel very much at home, organised maps, backpack transfer and on route support by mobile. As a result, my Camino experience was truly wonderful!

Today, we had breakfast at La Forge and set off for the short walk of 15 kms to Licques at about 8.30 am.
It was a lovely but grey morning.. the air was still and crisp…. and we strode out with purpose and a feeling of anticipation of what the day would bring!


We are using two guidebooks, the Lightfoot Guides,and also one compiled by Alison Raju. Today we followed the Raju route, which took us through a couple of pretty villages but mainly along a road route. It was a lovely walk…despite the fact that at times we had to avoid the perils of oncoming cars : (


Sadly, before long bad weather set in and wet weather gear was pulled out of backpack pockets and thrown on as rapidly as possible!



Tonight we are staying at a camping ground in Licques, Les Pommiers des Trois Pays, which is really comfortable, warm and clean.


Lunchtime at our little cabin : )

Tomorrow we hope to walk to Wisques, about 25 kms…I think..

Can’t tell you how tired I am: ) Sleep time!!

Love to all,

Netia xx

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7 Responses to Guines to Licques

  1. Victoria Middleton says:

    Hi Girls! Hoping the weather improves for you today. I could sense the sore feet and tired bodies in that blog! But the cabin looks cosy and welcoming and I imagine a ‘feather nest” to rest the weary bodies! Sleep well! Xx

  2. Peter Browne says:

    It sounds like you are easing into the walk and the good thing is the weather can only get better as summer gets the blog and we are with you in spirit love Peter

  3. Lynne Wake says:

    Hi Netia, loving the blog and your photos are amazing. Hoping your bed was comfy and you are energized for the next part of your journey…take care. Cheers Lynne

  4. Sally Rogers says:

    Tiredness will turn into energy the further you go (from one who has never walked such a distance) with the anticipation and excitement of the unknown in the days ahead….
    Just trying to imagine how you are all feeling… I hope your beds are comfy !!!! ….Photos are amazing and gives us a wonderful look at the country you are travelling through….. Love reading your blog.”.
    Sleep tight and make sure the bed bugs don’t bite ” :)xxxx

  5. mandy castles says:

    Netia, it looks so cold! i am reading your blog with a cuppa on my day off and looking out at blue skies. Your pics are great and the hospitality and food sounds wonderful. already looking forward to your next entry, dont know how you manage to write after your long days! think you should write a book! seriously. much love mandy xxxx

  6. jacqueline buchanan says:

    Hi Girls

    thank you so much for this blog. Alan and I are coming after you on 16/7 and I’ll be following your blog closely; it is so helpful..Can you put prices of accommodation up if possible? Is the cabin the one at Guines?

    Buen Camino


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