Shepherdswell to Guines

Hello from France!

Big day today…but lots of fun!

I was awoken bright and early this morning at 5am, by the LOUD murmurings of Jo and Jill, who were in the adjoining room…which although was beautifully comfortable had paper thin walls : ( They drifted back to a dozey sleep …eventually…and so did I but shortly I tumbled out of bed at about 6 am, anxious for the day to begin.

Gorgeous Jackie, at Coldret House, had a sumptuous breakfast ready for us at 7am of cereal, fresh fruit, yummy scrambled eggs ( made from the eggs layed by the neighbours chooks in the gardens of Coldret house) and tea and coffee.


At about 7.30am Rose and Ken arrived. It was wonderful to see them: ) I met this gorgeous couple on the Camino last year and it was an absolute delight to see them again! They walked with us this morning the 14 kms to Dover…which was just great! The plan was that we would then catch the 12 pm ferry to Calais and then continue on our way…another 15 or so kms to Guines. Hmmm…that was the plan.


Jackie and Darryl, the proprietors of Coldret House with Jo, Jill and I.

It was a glorious walk this morning, the weather was very kind to us as heavy rain had been forecast…..taking us through picturesque fields and country lane ways…very special. We mainly followed The North Downs Way once again, a wonderful track which stretches for 153 miles from Farnham, in the Hampshire district to Dover.






Just a few of the MANY snaps taken along the way!

We did a little detour off the North Downs Way as we were nearing Dover and walked through Kens old school, The Duke of York Military School where many of the boys were han selected for Sandhurst. This detour took us past the Dover Castle..a magnificent edifice built in Norman times. It was great to see it in all it’s magnificence,as we strolled by.


Well….it seems a little too much strolling was done and it turned out we missed our 12pm ferry to Calais in France, by 2 minutes and had to wait another hour for the next one to depart : ( In the meantime the threatened bad weather came rolling in and by the time we boarded our ferry the rain had taken hold, unleashing itself with gay abandon. As a result the white cliffs of Dover presented as the murky grey cliffs of Dover through the salt stained ferry windows : (


There was a delay disembarking at Calais and by the time we had caught the ferry bus to the terminal the time was nearing 4pm. As a result we had no other choice than to catch a taxi to our accommodation 15 kms away at Guines. I think we were all secretly a little relieved at this unexpected change of events, as the rain had set in and there was an icy chill in the air.

We are staying tonight at La Forge… Very eccentric!! All the rooms are decorated individually in theme..mine is nautical and the girls is oriental..highly amusing, if I remember tomorrow I’ll take a photo to show you all : ) Not only that but there is a guinea pig cage right outside the bedroom door, emitting very strong guinea pig odours, antrid containers in the hallway and strange ornaments and adornments every where you turn. However oddly, it’s all very comfy : )

Time for bed now…I think I’ve rambled on for just a little longer than I should have!

Love Netia X

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