Canterbury! Tomorrow the journey begins!


Hi everyone!

Well, here we are in Canterbury…at last!! So many months of walking and lugging that backpack around the streets of Melbourne, trying to avoid the furtive glances and sometimes incredulous stares of other pedestrians,who I think were probably trying to fathom why someone would be striding out in boots and pack in Melbourne’s summer weather : ) As a result of my persistence…I think I’m pretty fit for the task…but as I’ve said…. it’s kind of like an insurance policy : )…..anything can happen!

I met Jo and Jill this morning in London outside Buckingham Palace, as we had thought that it would be great to view the changing of the guards before we caught our train to Canterbury. Alas, it was cancelled to our disappointment and indeed the disappointment of many, many more! The crowd waiting was huge!

Jo and I, as a trade off, decided to have a quick peek at the Palace Mews..very impressive!


We arrived in Canterbury at about 2 pm and after checking in to our accommodation, we set off to explore a bit of Canterbury and visit the Cathedral…which is from where tomorrow, we set off!


Canterbury Cathedral is utterly spectacular! After witnessing so many wonderful churches and cathedrals along the Camino in Spain, I sometimes feel that maybe I have seen the best but each new ‘house of God’ never ceases to surprise and amaze me….. however big or small. There’s so much history, art, tradition and indeed human suffering emitted from the very essence of these buildings, that at times it’s quite overwelming.


Tonight, we had a lovely dinner in a traditional English restaurant before opting for an early night , to enable us to wake up bright and early for the beginning of the unknown : )



Hmmmm….as is usual with my blogs, I suddenly am aware…I run out of steam at the end the day, before I can truly tell you what I really want to convey..but I like to try and post very regularly, in order to keep those of you, who are most interested, up to date with my progress and also at the same time, have a little diary for myself, of my travels : )

Big emotional day tomorrow!!!

La Via Francigena begins : )

Love Netia XX

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11 Responses to Canterbury! Tomorrow the journey begins!

  1. Sally Rogers says:

    Canterbury looks looks like a beautiful city with all the gorgeous flowers out everywhere ..Good luck and happy travels !!x

  2. Alan Lipka says:

    Wishing you pleasant dreams and the cool side of the pillow ! ~ A

  3. Can’t wait to follow your stories and then follow in your footsteps in July!!

  4. thedogsnameis says:

    WOW Netia. So far your commentary and photos have been second to none. I am amazed at the photos you have taken, not seen anything as vivid and interesting for quite a while. I actually feel as if I am there with you and I will be following your reports daily, so dont hold back with anything girl!! Now the journey starts and goodluck…Mick C:):)

  5. Victoria Middleton says:

    I can feel the excitement for all three of you! Happy travels and here’s hoping you find a willing masseuse at the end of every day.

  6. Maxine & Ross says:

    Oh Netia the very best of luck on your journey. All our love. Maxine and Ross

  7. Elizete says:

    Wishing you a good journey x x x

  8. Elizete says:

    and looking forward to reading of your daily adventures. Hugs

  9. kitsambler says:

    I know you have already walked the Camino Frances in Spain; now that you have finished your journey to Rome, have you been able to reflect on how your VF packing differed from the CF load? Do you have any recommendations for those who follow in your steps?

    • kitsambler says:

      Kind Regards,

    • wheresnetia says:

      Hi Kits, thank-you for your comments! Specially in regards to my tilley hat which as you have read, I lost the day before reaching Rome. However due to their wonderful insurance Ive ordered another for 1/2 price : ) All I can say about packing is carry very light layers, wool is you will be walking through different seasons and also send stuff home as its not needed anymore.I wouldn’t take a waterproof back cover and raincoat next time…only a really good poncho, which covers everything.Also carry lots of ziplock bags of different sizes..for maps, clothes etc. I had everything sorted into varying sized zip locks so I could find stuff instantly. Great for food also. A Swiss army knife is very useful. If you’d like me to answer anymore questions my email is but it sounds to me that you’re already an experienced walker. Netia

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