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  1. Jennifer Rooks says:

    Good morning, I have just come across your VF blog and read with interest. In September 2017 I start the walk from Salisbury Cathedral to Canterbury to Calais to Besabcon over 8 weeks and solo, I am over 63. In 2016 my sister and I walked 547klms through Ireland so walking is notnew to me but walking long distances in a foreign country is. Your blog is a good read as I can view and learn about the places I will be walking through. I may have retired but my dreams have not.

    • wheresnetia says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      Thats so exciting that your planning to walk part of the VF!!

      You will be fine. Also you’ll be fine with the language. Just try and learn a few simple phases before you leave and the French will help you with the rest! If they can see you trying just a little, they are very forthcoming and helpful!! Some sections of France are a bit of a challenge due to walking through very poor villages where often small businesses have closed. However if you’re prepared food wise you won’t have a problem. Just equip yourself with plenty of water, baguettes, cheese and snacks such as bananas and nuts and all will be good!!

      I think that the Italian leg is pretty good now in terms of directions and signage but France is lagging behind a little still.
      I would recommend if you’re carrying an iPhone or iPad to download the map of the area that you intend to walk the next day when you get to each destination (as there is generally wifi available) If you get lost the next day, you will always be able to pin point your position and find your way to your destination.

      You can also download the entire route, which will ensure you’re on the right track. Not sure whats the best downloads available now as it was almost 5 years now since I walked but theres plenty of sites that will give you good results.

      It seems that things are changing on the VF as more people are discovering it….but lucky you I think that it’s still a road not so frequently travelled.

      Have the most amazing time, I know you will!!

      Netia xx

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