Castanada to Amenal

Hi there!

Well here I am, 16 kms, or there a bouts away from Santiago de Compostela…. tomorrow morning I plan to finish my 800 km walk across Spain : )

There’s so many emotions running through my tired, little brain but I guess the most predominant, are excitement, as to what tomorrow will bring and a deep feeling of satisfaction. Not satisfaction due to the fact that I look like I may actually finish this walk…but more a satisfaction that I did my very best… and that I didn’t let myself down. If I hadn’t been able to finish due to injury or sickness..I would have felt this same feeling of pride.
Another lesson, for the growing pile of lessons that have been presented to me : )…. Is that in the end, its not really about arriving in Santiago but more about the journey that gets us there. Im feeling a little emotional as I write this : ) I’m reflecting on all those people who I’ve met along the way, who really have struggled for lots of differing reasons…and I also feel so proud of them for continuing, when so much has been against them. There’s no doubt that we will all go away with a greater inner strength and hopefully a heightened appreciation for the small things this life has to offer : )

Today’s walk, was again lovely. Not the rugged, majestic beauty of the Pyrenees, nor the harsh,dry but superb landscape of the Meseta … But more gentle rolling hills, wooded sections and open farmland…much the same as yesterday and the day before. Our wonderful eucalypts again dominated and made me feel quite nostalgic: )


A cute little friend I met along the way: )


Again, I met some special new people today, some of whom have walked the entire Camino starting around the same time as me but strangely…I have only met for the first time today! Funny how that works. One notable person was a man from Malta, Giovanni, who I sat down with this afternoon and enjoyed a glass of wine. He was really… highly amusing : ) had a very funny time.. his company was a little like my boots…comfortable ….. : )

Tomorrow, I’m going to try and leave by 6 am. I want to try and arrive in Santiago at about 10am. There’s a peregrinos service at 12 which apparently is very special but sometimes…actually most days…there’s a queue to get in as so many people arrive at around the same time.
Also, I need to get to the pilgrims office to receive my certificate of completion of the walk …along with the multitude of others… : )

I’m signing off now, not much more to say at this moment… I think you’ve heard all the important bits.

Hopefully I can fill you in with more details tomorrow.

Love Netia xx

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8 Responses to Castanada to Amenal

  1. Liz AARONS says:

    Xxxx Liz

  2. Hannah says:

    Mum, I am getting to the point now that every time I sit down to read your blog I end up in tears. I am just so incredibly proud of you. You really are an inspiration to us all. I am so lucky that you’re my Mumma, what a role model you are. I love you so much. xxx

  3. Sally Rogers says:

    Fantastic ……!!oh no, that means wheresnetia will end !!! .Iam going to go into withdrawals……Absolutely loved the photos and reading about your journey along the Camino.Looking forward to catching up when you are home and listening to you relaying your adventures again …….. Wonderful experience.
    Enjoy your week with Ali.
    love Sally xxx

  4. Julie Hocking says:

    The same goes for me with all of the above comments……Have enjoyed following you every step of the way. CONGRATULATIONS on a brilliant effort!!!!….absolutely thrilled for you. I can just see your beaming face as you walk into Santiago in the morning. So happy for you Netia.
    Love Julie xox

  5. Linda Geddes says:

    Netia … You are a gifted human being. I feel honoured to have you as a friend. Congratulations, you fulfilled your challenge. I feel really uplifted by your journey. Wee tears appear when I think of where you’ve come from and where you are going.
    Thank you. Linda xx

    • carol connolly says:

      Such a personal triumph for many reasons , well done special friend.
      Perhaps you can just keep on blogging till you reach home …………..
      I’ll read it XXX

  6. What a fantastic trip Netia , we have loved following you and will also miss the blog.It will be a bittersweet finish but so much to think of …
    Well done, we are thinking of you and now the excitement of catching up with Ali
    lots of love and congratulations
    Jane and Peter

  7. Lynne Wake says:

    Congratulations Netia! Thank you so much for sharing your experience, all the Wake’s have thoroughly enjoyed your blog and will certainly look forward to your next trip. You really are an inspiration to all. We are thinking of you this morning. Say Hi to Ali and enjoy the rest of your trip.
    Love to catch up when you return.
    Lynne, Gary, Steph and Alex. xx

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