Palas del Rei to Castanada

Hi guys!

I left Palas Del Rei at a reasonable hour this morning..about 7.45am. First stop was the local Panaderia, where I had breakfast…steaming hot coffee, which in Spain, when you get the ordering right…is surprisingly good and a hot, fresh out of the oven pastry, filled with cheese and ham. it was utterly delicious : ) it was all washed down with a freshly squeezed orange juice..and I was ready to go!

The walk was a little similar to yesterday…rolling up and down hills, with shaded paths opening to wide open farmland. I walked for a little while with two delightful boys from Ireland. They were walking the Camino from Sarria ( 112 kms), with their mum and dad and two other siblings. I had a little chat with their mum and she mentioned that her teenage daughter had suggested that they embark on the walk together after watching the film, ‘The Way’. It was really lovely to see them together..the boys walking a little ahead but looking very relaxed…it’s going to be a wonderful bonding time for them all as a family.

Their mother suggested to me , that the countryside we were walking through was very reminiscent of the kind that you would find in parts of Ireland.


I had to chuckle to myself…a little bit further down the track! If I had turned my mind to home…that’s just where I would have been! Some years ago the Galician government planted many eucalyptus trees to help support the building industry…but the trees weren’t as productive as had been hoped, so the project was abandoned.


I walked today with some really lovely people. A man from France, who speaks very good we can communicate, who I have seen time and time again since I left St Jean, five weeks ago. Also two gorgeous girls from Columbia, a young guy from Germany..who was hobbling as he had woken this morning with a mystery shin pain, a guy from South Africa, who has also done the distance with me…and many more : ) I’m going to miss the easy going comradeship which develops between relative strangers… on this walk. The Camino is a common thread which ties us all together and friendships are cemented, without any preconceived notions of each others characters. It’s quite a special thing : )

My accommodation tonight is simply wonderful! I had to walk about one and half kilometres away from the Camino, for the first time mind all my accommodation to date has been very close to the track…. but it was well worth the trouble! Thank you Garry, my accommodation expert, from Spanish Adventures in Santiago: )

I’m staying in a 17 th century house, only seven bedrooms but really lovely and totally relaxing. I arrived at about 2. 30pm, the delightful owner showed me to my room, where I promptly had a bath, then did my washing and fell asleep in the afternoon sun, in the garden. Just what I needed!


They have done a wonderful job converting this place into a small hotel, the buildings proportions have all been retained, and it has a special, mellow atmosphere. The internal walls, in the main part of the house are of beautiful exposed stone..and the staircase to the bedrooms is magnificent.



I had a little chat to one of the owners tonight..he only spoke Spanish..but what I gathered was, the house had been in the family for many, many years and finally the ten grandchildren had bought it from their grandparents, because of sentimental reasons and turned it into a small but lovely business. He pointed out to me, in the distance, a large White house, where the grandparents now live : )

I had a delicious meal tonight in the little restaurant..sensational mushrooms, followed by seafood and was simply…muy deliciosa!!! There was only five of us eating, so….as is always the case on the Camino, we had big chats : ) there was a couple from France who had walked from St Jean and also a couple from England who had just completed the final 100 kms only a few days ago.

Can’t believe that I only have one big day of walking tomorrow, 30 kms, then the walk into Santiago…..
How am I going to react? In one way there’s so many contained emotions here, as you can’t ever think ahead..always one foot in front of the other…… but similarly, there’s been so many opportunities along the Camino, for emotions to spill forth with great abandon: ) hahaha…interesting…..

We’ll all know soon enough : )

Night for now,

Love Netia xx

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2 Responses to Palas del Rei to Castanada

  1. suziecahnn says:

    Hi Netia, We really enjoyed our Camino and remember, people, peaceful walking, scenery, talking and yes bonding with great warmth. Nice to read your blog and comments about our boys:) thanks Suzie

    • wheresnetia says:

      Hi Suzie, so nice to hear from you! That’s wonderful your camino with your family was a great success…I wonder, if like me you have been inspired to continue walking?
      Big camino hug, Netia

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