Portomarin to Palas de Rei

Hi there!

This morning I left Portomarin reasonably early, about 7.45am. The morning was still attempting to make it’s presence felt, while the night was struggling to let go of it’s dominance : )


Before long the night transpired into another beautiful misty morning…then, once again..a gorgeous day!
We’ve been so lucky, as the Galician region is renowned for it’s rain…but so far we’ve had fairly consistent..stable weather. I packed all sorts of extra clothing for this area…..waterproof pants, neck warmer, gloves and beanie but luckily, they’re still snuggly stored at the bottom of my backpack. I’ve read many stories of people walking through this entire area, in constant drizzle and very cold conditions…so all I can do at this moment is smile to my self happily..and thankfully : )


As I mentioned yesterday..the Camino, is now becoming very busy! So many more people have started walking since Sarria, in order to complete the final 100 kms and receive their certificate de Compostela. Many of us who have walked the entire Camino…or indeed a large portion of it… are finding the extra volume of people, a little intrusive, as we are mostly, now, in quite an introspective, almost spiritual stage of the walk. After walking day after day, one foot in front of the other, with little to occupy your mind than the absolute present..there’s really no where else for your mind to go. The new comers are like the new kids on the block : ) ..they cant possibly appreciate the walk that has preceded us…they’re in a completely different frame of mind..very much like we were at the very beginning : ) I’m finding it’s so important to stay in the zone and walk separately as much as possible…

That being said, I walked for a bit this morning with a lovely girl from Mexico, who has been on the Camino since Leon. We had a very pleasant chat about lots of things…as you tend to do : )


One of the encouraging things that we’re now seeing very regularly along the way…every kilometre to be exact..is a reminder of how far we have to go.


I took a detour this afternoon …OFF the Camino..very brave of me : ) as I wanted to visit a small Romanesque church. I ended up walking an extra 4 kms but it was well worth the effort. Just on that subject …it’s very interesting how now I’m regarding my body as a form of transport…if I need to get somewhere…within reason: ) …there’s no rational thought involved about whether it’s possible or not..I just do it!

Anyway, the church was simply delightful and I’m so glad I took the time to visit.


It dates back to the 11 century..the proportions were beautiful and there was a lovely faded frieze adorning it’s walls.


I have to go now : ( unfortunately..as fatigue has set in and I need to go and source some food.

From tomorrow..only two more nights..then I walk into Santiago….. Oh my goodness : )

Love Netia xx

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