Sarria to Portomarin

Hola a todas!!

It’s count down now…very strange feeling really. Today when I was walking through the mornings mist….I felt quite emotional : ) I think it was the first time that I had really let myself think about the enormity of this walk….a very large number of us have walked over 700 kms with very few breaks. I guess I am feeling a little overwhelmed on a number of levels…the hugeness of the walk, the end in sight, the having to let go of a very special experience, the saying goodbye to an amazing group of people who have become a little like a surrogate family and the absolute privilege to have been able to walk the entire way across northern a safe and loving environment : )

Last night after saying goodbye to you, I went and met a couple, Judy and Ian, for dinner at a delightful restaurant on the edge of the river. You’re not going to believe this.. but Judy and Ian live less than two kilometres from me in Albert Park! I have crossed paths with them on and off over the weeks, and they were actually on my flight when I left Australia.
It was lovely to have a nice catch up and I’m sure we will meet again when we all return home.


I left Sarria this morning a little bit later than anticipated, 8.30am but all was good… really there’s no rush to set off early, as the next few days are not huge walking days. I think the final days amount to 25 kms tomorrow, then 23 kms, 29 kms and then 16 kms into Santiago. I want to arrive in Santiago in the morning…as every day, there is a service at 12 at the cathedral for the worn out peregrinos who have arrived that day : )

The morning, this morning was misty and the air was heavy with the damp…but once again it was surprisingly beautiful.

So many little treasures to find along the way.

The walk today was along rural lane ways, through poorer villages and as yesterday…essentially areas devoted to dairy farming.


It was really very beautiful…once again: )… as the light, through the heavy mist, was different this morning….and indeed until about 12 when the mist cleared. There was a ghostliness about the Camino, which gave way to a silence…even amongst those walking in groups.


The walk was really main thoughts today being introspective, mainly to do with the subjects I have already discussed above : )

When I arrived in Portomarin, I caught up with lovely Ken and Rose for a Tinto Verano, settled myself into my room and then had a little look around.

I ran into an absolutely beautiful couple from Sydney just as they were arriving. Ercilla,is 66 and from Chile originally and her husband is 79! They have both walked from St Jean…the same day as me and are still going strong! When ever I come across them, Ercilla speaks patiently to me in Spanish and helps me with correct grammar etc. Yesterday when I saw them briefly she mentioned that my grammar was good… thank you Cristina! : ) These two are special : ) they radiate a general feeling of love for each other, which is extended to all those around them…

Just a few photos, before I head off for dinner and ANOTHER early night!

Desperately trying to eat the acorns fallen …just out of reach!

The yellow arrows….

The walk into Portomarin

Hope you enjoyed today’s blog…not a lot of content but a little thought…from a tired but happy Netia : )

Love and hugs,

Netia xx

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6 Responses to Sarria to Portomarin

  1. Annie says:

    I like this entry the best of all – the photos and the sentiments were really special xx

  2. Melissa says:

    Simply beautiful Netia. xo Love you! your friend….Melissa desde Boston, USA šŸ™‚

  3. Sarah Wells says:

    Wow Netia! I sat down this morning, with my cup of tea, to start reading and here I am now, with a glass of wine – it is now 8:00pm by the way! It has been like reading a good book, life interrupts you so you read till the end of a chapter (or day) and then pick it up again as soon as you get a chance! I’ve laughed, cried, oooohed, aaaahed, been inspired and have even been taught a few life lessons from you along the way! What an amazing example you’re setting for your daughters and any woman who has the good fortune of knowing you šŸ™‚

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