O’Ceberiro to Samos to Sarria


Here I am now in Sarria, a larger more industrious village…but pleasant……I suppose it could almost be called, a small town.

Yesterday I arrived in Samos…a little later than planned..as once again, I got lost! Seems to be a common thread in my walking life at the moment, not sure why but it’s becoming a little bit the norm : ) Not seriously lost, mind you, just missing the odd arrow here and there. When I realised that there was no familiar Camino signs around, I did a little back track and was on my way again. No problem really…just added an extra couple of kms to my day : ) I think that I’m more and more slipping into a zone when I walk, so I must try and be a little bit more aware! Biggest problem, was that I had to pass by a ferocious dog twice! The first time past him, he attacked my baston ( walking pole) with enormous gusto and bravado….the second time when I had to back track my steps…he stood outside his house and growled deeply at me…: (

The amusing thing was, he was so firmly attached to my pole, I could have lifted it and flung him off into the distance…it was highly amusing at the time : )

The walk from O’Cebreiro to Samos, was again very picturesque….lovely rolling hills and beautiful light. The morning views were bathed in a gentle mist, which cleared to a stunning day.


Along the way, there were many interesting sights, one being, a quite lovely statue of the patron saint of the Camino.


The Camino is starting to get a little busier. There are many who start, with only the last few hundred kilometres to go…as they may lack time to walk for longer and this is a particularly beautiful part of the walk…but also if you walk the last 100 kms and have stamps on your credential to prove it, you still receive a certificate at the end…the same as those of us who have walked the entire way!
It’s quite obvious though who has done the distance : ) those of us who have.. are all starting to look like we need a good feed….except for the cyclists, who’s bodies are muscling up magnificently. I’ve had many an evil thought of sticking my baston into the spokes of their bikes as they pass…just to slow them down a little : )….just a little, to make my day even more enjoyable : )

We were treated to a gorgeous view of the monastery in Somas as we walked down into the village.


I visited the monastery this morning, before I set off for Sarria…I’d love to show you a few photos but the internet here seems to slowing rapidly…but I’ll see what I can do.

My home last night was Casa Licerio, run by an absolutely delightful couple. So welcoming and full of love and hospitality. I had a lovely breakfast there this morning, followed by big hugs and farewells…before they sent me on my way : )


I just want to show you two interesting photos of the one painting that I saw at the monastery this morning. Depending on whether you view this painting from either the left or the right…you get a totally different perspective.


Hmmmmm….sorry, for some reason the contrast is not apparent…not sure why? On my camera the difference is as clear as day. sorry !!

The walk to Sarria, was really gorgeous. Unfortunately, I can’t fill you in on to much detail now…as the Internet connection here, is rapidly dying….slowed to a snails pace : )
Once again…those of you with access to my Facebook can see the photos and I’m sure you’ll agree : )

Now, I’m off to find some dinner and hopefully I’ll be able to sample some of the cheeses which this region is renowned for.

Love to all : )

Netia xx

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4 Responses to O’Ceberiro to Samos to Sarria

  1. Liz AARONS says:

    The little dog looked SO FEROCIOUS !!!!!amazing photos NETIA !!!have fun xxxliz

  2. Sally Rogers says:

    Good morning,
    Just had a look at the map to see exactly where you are ……and see how far you have walked .. Wow, what an incredible feat !!!!! Your body must be so tired ….Travel safe ,
    lots of love
    Sally xxx

  3. Julie Hocking says:

    Hahaha….Such a ferocious little dog!!….. you told me your baston was for fighting off wild animals and any over enthusiastic Spanish men!!!……Came in handy after all…..Looking forward to seeing your Camino suntan in Byron soon……enjoy your last days with your new friends.
    Looking forward to a vino and catch up.
    Love Julie xx

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