Villa Franca to O’ Cebreiro

Hi everyone!!

I’m actually in Samos now…but the internet was non existent last night, when I arrived in O’ Cebreiro. I had planned to write two days in one tonight…but now I’m very tired so I’ll just have to do that tomorrow : )

I arrived in O’Cebreiro at about 3 pm…and it was totally stunning!!! Well worth the very big climb in order to reach it. I think yesterday, we climbed 600 metres over about 7 kms…..Pretty tough……but on took my breath away : )…… in more ways than one : )


I left Villa Franca yesterday morning at 8 am and set off initially walking alongside a road..which in most places was protected from oncoming traffic, however there were odd areas where I prayed for my life!!.


Yesterday, the walk was very pretty…we climbed gradually all day, until the last few kilometres and then it became a serious workout! Now I can see why this particular day is renowned for being the 2nd hardest day on the Camino…..the first being the day over the Pyrenees….day 1.


Before long, I caught up with Jed and Laura, who I walked with for a little while.

We stopped for a snack and coffee at a small village…yummy bocadilla but the shopkeeper…not so nice…she pretended that she didn’t understand my far from perfect Spanish…which well may have been the case : ) but most people usually get the general gist of what I say….I think she was just trying to make me feel uncomfortable. she succeeded for a minute or two…but really …it was her problem : )

The scenery now, has changed! We’re now in Galicia…and it’s very beautiful! The day was totally stunning, weather wise..fresh morning which crystallised into an absolutely gorgeous day: )
Fortunately, we were treated to a lovely gentle breeze, just as we were huffing and puffing, near the top of our we were about to descend on O’Cebreiro. It was a truly magnificent day for me.. I was so happy to be there.

There were stages, yesterday, where I needed to dig deep… Once again : ) I’m becoming quite good at this now. one of the many things that the Camino has taught me…is to shut up and not complain, just put in what is needed : )


I met a couple yesterday afternoon, who I hadn’t seen for about 3 weeks! So good to see them again and to hear their stories. As a group, we’re a little like an inland wave, carried forth on a tide that ebbs and flows….not many travel in unison..there’s a sameness about the flow but not a parallel.

Last night I went to the peregrinos mass in the cute little church in O’Ceberiro. it was very interesting but didn’t have the same emotional overlay for me as the service in Santo Domingo…..all those weeks ago : ) As I was sitting there listening, I was trying to get a feel for what they were on about. It occurred to me, that really what we all need, is a spiritual belief in something… not necessarily a traditional religion as such…but a belief system just to keep us feeling grounded, where we can remind ourselves of our essential goodness and that of others as well.

Dinner, last night, was with a very interesting lady from Finland. She is walking the Camino this time in stages. She walked 2 years ago from Le Puy, in France, to Santiago. 1600 kms… She catches the bus when she wants and is meeting friends in a few days time..a little further down the track. We had a great chat about her work and study..she’s planning on doing a PHD combining her nursing work and anthropology…and the Camino is her inspiration..

Just a few random photos before I go..

Home delivery in espana is still alive and well!

Preparing all those yummy pimientos!

Another amazing view from my bedroom window : )

Well time to go now..hope this wasn’t to time to proof read..need to go and eat, then bed!

Lots of Love

Netia xx

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6 Responses to Villa Franca to O’ Cebreiro

  1. Sally Rogers says:

    Hola …
    Reading wheresnetia has become part of my daily routine …and I must say a very exciting read ..!! Netia , the photos ……wow magnificent !!!!! Lots to talk about when you get back.
    Love Sally xx

  2. Liz AARONS says:

    Hi NETIA what a journey you are having !so happy it is all going well for you !!!xxxxx safe travel au revoir liz

  3. Linda Geddes says:

    Netia … living vicariously through your travel has been an absolute delight. You look so happy. I loved what you wrote … “we need to have a spiritual belief in something.” So wise. Hey the legs are looking fantastic. Love Linda

  4. wheresnetia says:

    I think the legs are nearly past there use by date : ) xxx I want you to experience this one day madam! Xx

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