Rabanal to Molinaseca


Today was CHILLY….. but kind of fun..: ) as I mentioned yesterday, the scenery is changing..and today was very different to what we’ve walked through before.

I set off this morning at 7.30am. The morning… and in fact a large of the day, was very fresh..I resorted to wearing all my available layers but was still chilled to the bone…until maybe 15 kms down the track, when the sun decided to grace us with it’s presence and the air softened.


We started today at around 1200 metres above sea level, climbing for about 6 kms, to what is considered to be the highest point on the Camino, The Iron Cross…which is roughly about 1500 metres above sea level. This is an place of great interest for some. Here is somewhere that peregrinos, can rid themselves.. symbolically..of all baggage and supposedly free the spirit.
The tradition is, to bring a stone from your home country and leave it on the pile of stones left over the years, by many a tired pilgrim..with the object of symbolically lightening your load. : )
The funny thing was…I had brought a very nice, stone from home, specially given to me by my friend Jo but was unsure where I should leave it.. On the first day heading out from St Jean Pied de Port ,I came across my first pile of stones…and there, my very nice, special stone was left : ) I became aware,very quickly in fact, as I walked, that there are many, many piles of stones along the way created by pilgrims but there is only one place…The Iron Cross…that special stones are left : ( On reflection, maybe…leaving my stone where I did, was indeed significant and this is why my journey has been so enjoyable….I left my baggage back at the start : ) Thankyou Jo : )


We had a funny time here…as all in the group I was walking with, had either forgotten their stones, or left them someplace else.
Here’s me with a pretend stone from home…posing for the camera : )


We walked roughly another 10 kms, through varying up and down country side….a little bit like walking along the top of the mountain..before descending steeply, nearly 1000 metes over about 10 kms. The mountains were very beautiful, as they emerged from the cloud and their vivid palette of green shone…. warmed by the suns rays.


I stopped at a little hippy tienda, specially geared towards the peregino, to warm my hands by a welcome fire ……they were like ice blocks!! There I ran into a young guy who I began this walk with on day one…but hadn’t seen him for weeks! He’s a large guy but had lost a considerable amount of weight, he looked great : )



I arrived in Molinaseca around 1.30pm, had long, hot shower and ventured out to take a few photos. Molinaseca is really cute! Such a lovely, gem of a village


One last photo….there seems to be a lot today : )….. can’t resist showing you the view outside my window….once again. Sorry but each view seems to be as good as the last !


After, my shower this afternoon, once again I ran into Laura and Jed…I had a nice glass of wine and chat with them, then they disappeared to find their room.

I’m now sitting at a table in my hostal, with Ariana beside me. She is writing in her diary as I tap on the keyboard.

Time to say goodbye now…another day is nearly upon me…. food and bed! Can’t wait to see what the new day brings: )
Only eight days of walking left : ( and around 180 kms to go! Incredible!!

Bye for now,

Love Netia xx

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One Response to Rabanal to Molinaseca

  1. Liz AARONS says:

    CAn’t believe you have walked so far !!!you are amazing!!it all sounds wonderful !loving the blog. Xxxliz

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