Astorga to Rabanal

Hi to everyone!

Dare I say it….but another great day!

I was woken this morning…EARLY…by some very noisy peregrinos, talking loudly and cheerily amongst themselves …outside my window… at 5 am!!! Grrrrrr…….I have no idea why they need to leave at this hour, as it’s pitch black until about 7.30 but I guess they may like to beat the heat and arrive at their destination early…to explore the surroundings : ) I fought the desire to jump out of bed and follow in their footsteps….they actually made the morning sound special : ) but managed to pin myself to the bed until 6.30am.

I left the hotel at about 7.15 am…the morning..and actually the day was beautiful, cool, crisp, a little hazy but perfect.


The walk today, was through ever changing countryside…slowly we are leaving the Meseta far behind us. Misty mountain ranges are like apparitions in the far distance…is this the Galicia district that we will walk through soon? I think so.


Today, I opted for a solitary style…I listened to music, sang, danced a little….hmmm and then fell into a introspective mood. I love it when I feel like this… the kilometres slip away, effortlessly…

I stopped for coffee at a small village..San Justo de la Vega. While sitting in the morning sun, relaxing and enjoying watching people arrive, I ran into a couple from Melbourne who I had been introduced to in Leon. It was lovely to see them again!

The walk was very pleasant…not tiring, cool conditions and the promise of Galicia, ever present in the distance..


I arrived in Rabanal quite early..11.45 am, feeling like I could walk more than the 20 kms I had done today but once again I was glad to check into the delightful posada, have a welcome shower..then do a little exploring.

Once again I ran into Jed and Laura, the couple from Melbourne, who I had met this morning.
We had a lovely lunch and chat and incredibly they have very close, similar, connections to my life in Melbourne! This world never ceases to amaze me… can travel sooo far…only to meet lovely people from your own city, who you connect with..that you would never meet in your hometown: )


I have lots to talk about but once again feeling a little tired…not sure why this happens to me: )

Hopefully, tomorrow when I arrive in the village of Molinaseca, if I have Internet access… I can fill you all in with a bit more detail : )

Love Netia xx


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4 Responses to Astorga to Rabanal

  1. Dane says:

    So good Mrs Bowen!
    What music where you listening to??
    Cute last photo as well! : )


  2. Liz AARONS says:


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