Puente de Orbigo to Astorga

Hi everyone!!

Count down begins…only 250 kms to go now…Ive walked 550 kms : ) makes me feel very happy to tell you…and what a journey it’s been!! Just great!!

The walk this morning was through changing countryside….at last the harsh beauty of the Meseta is leaving us behind….and the landscape is gradually softening : ) However the skies, although again, very beautiful in the morning light ….were very threatening!



The forecast this morning, was for humidity and storms…..and that’s just what we got! It wasn’t long before we were all pulling wet weather gear out of backpacks..and we spent the following half hour walking through, thunder, lightening and rain! It occurred to me that no- one was rushing for shelter, despite the lightening : ( and I thought, we all have this tremendous sense, that we will survive…no matter what.. : ) Luckily…we did!



I stopped in a small village along the way and was met with a delightful sight..a herd of cows being moved along the narrow street!


Today I walked with some lovely people…two of which were men from France..at differing times. The first was Christian, who had started his walk in Paris!! Today was his 45th day of walking. He was active and strong and walked very fast! His English was good..so we had a lovely chat about the Camino, people we had both met along the way, reasons for walking etc.
The second man was named Ivon and he had walked from St Jean Pied de Port as I have.
Interestingly, he was suffering from quite severe blisters…only just received after walking 550 kms…no problems before now! The Camino acts in strange ways…. Anyway..his English was not so good..and he apologised regularly for breaking into French when he couldn’t explain himself….all I could think was, speak as much French to me as you like…as your accent is so beautiful and I don’t really care if I don’t understand…I can pretend ?…. : )

I arrived in Astorga, reasonably early in the day…it was only an 18 km walk….so funny to hear myself say that! Before I left home, that would have been a big one! Now even the least physically inclined and slowest of us all, would look at a day like this with a welcoming smile : )

Astorga has some wonderful architecture. I was treated with an amazing view out of my hotel window…once again, thank you Garry.. of one of only three of Gaudis works outside Barcelona. One of the other two, I was privileged to witness in Leon.

When I look out my window…this is my view!!! Ahhhhhh..!!

I also this afternoon visited the cathedral here, which is an important part of the ancient Camino route. It again was very beautiful. It’s lovely to do a little meditation in these spaces as the atmosphere with the soaring ceilings and magnificent stained glass windows, is quite special. I must also tell you, that the cathedral is my other view from my bedroom window : ) …feeling pretty smug now : )


Astorga was hit by an almighty storm this afternoon…but has miraculously cleared to a beautiful night. The air had been very humid..so it was bound to happen…the heavens let loose!


A few shots of the locals…: )



Just one more photo that I want to show you…I visited Gaudis Palacio this afternoon…it was originally a palace but now is a museum…and couldn’t resist taking a photo through the stained glass window, of a view, of my hotel : ) definite no no as you’re not allowed to take photos inside….but kind of fun…don’t tell anyone : )

Lots more photos today on this blog …specially for those of you who aren’t on my Facebook…but I’d love to post so many more : (

Life is seriously good!

Love Netia xx

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2 Responses to Puente de Orbigo to Astorga

  1. Liz AARONS says:

    Those boots are made for walking !!!!!it all sounds so amazing!so glad all is great. Xxliz

  2. Sally Rogers says:

    Hola Netia ,
    Once again a very enjoyable blog..250 kms to go ,thats amazing….I think I will go into withdrawals when you finish writing your blog ..Haha…..: )xxx

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