Mansillas to Leon

Hi there!!

Well, here I am now in Leon…..and today I have the luxury of a rest day! Bliiiiiisssss!
I got out of my warm, cosy bed this morning at 9 am….feeling very relaxed and happy to be spending a day being a tourist and not a peregrina….although there was a pang of regret that I wasn’t pulling on my old trusty walking boots and setting off : (. Imagine how I’m going to feel when I arrive in Santiago…..

Speaking of my boots….I’m totally in love with them : ) when I put them on each morning, they feel just right! Warm, comfortable and snug…a bit like being with an old friend : )
One of the many things that this walk teaches you, is that life doesn’t need to be complicated to be enjoyable and we can actually be happy with very few possessions.. Most of us walking, really only have 3 changes of clothes….which is just fine! I often wonder how I’m going to feel when I return home and open my wardrobe….I suspect that I may not be happy with myself : (


Yesterday, I set off from Mansillas at about 8 am, as the walk into Leon was only 18 kms and not very difficult. The sky was very beautiful initially as I walked out of Mansillas..the moon was still quite high and the sun was just beginning to show it’s face..


Once again the light was perfect…this was really my final day on the Meseta… although geographically it ends two more days of walking down the track. I think we will see quite dramatic changes in the scenery though from now on..


The final last 10 kms as we walked into Leon, was not pleasant, to say the least….quite industrial and for a large part of it…we were walking alongside the road. Quite dangerous really, for in parts there was nothing to protect us from the large number of speeding cars and trucks, careering towards us…it has been said that every Spaniard thinks he’s Alfonso…and I now feel pretty sure that this is true !!

Leon is a lovely inland city, with some beautiful architecture…I plan to have a little wander around today and take a few photos…so I might be able to show you some in my next blog..

Yesterday, after arriving here I took myself off for a massage…there’s a massage therapist not far from my hostal who has set up a business, offering his services to tired, worn out peregrinos : )
He was fantastic!! I emerged an hour and a half later feeling quite invigorated, with all the sore bits ironed out!

The lovely thing about wandering around Leon yesterday, was the number of friendly, familiar faces I ran into ( all peligrinos) ,who were resting for a day or two or passing through. It was interesting to be in a strange city but know so many people : ) it’s understandable in the very small, villages which the Camino runs through, to know many people but it’s quite a weird feeling in a large city.

Well, I’m off now to explore this city and get a coffee : )

Speak to you soon,

Love Netia xx

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8 Responses to Mansillas to Leon

  1. Sally Rogers says:

    Thank you Netia …..
    .Lots of love Sally and Vic xxx

  2. Linda Geddes says:

    Netia … dont forget your wardrobe of clothes enables others to do exactly what you’re doing. Love the hay bail pictures. So Van Gogh. Love Linda

  3. Julie Hocking says:

    I agree with Linda. Hail bails photo so Van Gough. Another photo to add to your wall! Keep having fun gorgeous girl. Xx

  4. Cathy Mellor says:

    I love the photo of the corn field..amazing

  5. Hannah says:

    Van Gogh…

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