Sahagun to Mansilla de las Mulas


Today has been a really lovely day……despite the fact that it was another big one and I just HAD to do the distance! : ) 36 kms for me today…but that’s the last of the long walks…all fairly easy going from now on..

I left my hostal at around 7.15 am, just as the beautiful full moon was saying it’s last goodnight.


The walk today was again testing.. but interestingly, I didn’t have the same mental and physical fatigue that I was presented with yesterday.. Again…my thoughts went very deep…due to the distance maybe… but also, I think…. the Meseta does that to you : ) As I’ve already mentioned in previous posts, there’s a feeling that it’s all been done before…due to the sameness of the terrain, so the mind wanders to places…it doesn’t often go easily : ) Its an incredibly interesting feeling to be totally in the present…no thoughts of the past…and nothing of the future… just the earth moving beneath your feet…effortlessly : )………most of the time until the fatigue sets in. : )

In between my moments of blankness : ), I sorted out a LOT OF STUFF! : ) Not going to bore you all with it now….or possibly ever……may be a few that get an ear full, at some stage……but things that aren’t necessarily a big problem in my life for me any more..but are persisting, little niggles in
the crevices of my mind, became suddenly translucent and I was able to look at everything with a lot of clarity and a big smile : )

The scenery is slowly changing….. today a mountain range came into view…maybe the beginning of the Galicia district, not sure but surely the Meseta has an end..


I walked for the main part of today by myself…slowing when I passed others…hmmmm ..I think I may be a fast walker..having lovely chats.. then surging forth into the distance : ) I love chatting to everyone…especially los espanoles… There’s a method in my madness….I actually think I’m getting a better grasp of the language.. Yay !

Along the way, you always encounter reminders of other peregrinos and their journeys, or more devastatingly their demise! Can’t tell you how many tomb stones I’ve seen along the way dedicated to a deceased pilgrim : ( Tiny bit spooky but I must tell you……there’s many, many unfit, overweight people doing this walk : ( …not good, ok if you take it at the pace that suits you…


I wanted to post some other interesting photos ..but sadly the Internet connection here, has slowed to zero….saaaad : (

Towards the end of about 30 kms today, I was feeling particularly tired. A lot of unnecessary energy today was spent on a little bit of singing and dancing along the way…then fatigue set in…: (
I spent a few kms listening to meditation music……getting myself through a difficult patch.
However in the village that I had planned to have lunch, there was a gorgeous array of people who I hadn’t seen for quite some time!! Una tortilla and cervesa later and after lots of catching up…everything was great again : ) And to my girls….yes… now I love beer and red wine..thanks to the Spaniards : )

Mansillas is a lovely little pueblo…very happy to be here. met some other peregrinos for a glass of wine, had dinner at the hostal…now time for bed :


I never really get to put a lot of detail here…and I always want to say more..: (. However I hope you all get the general gist of my journey… I’m pretty sure that you do : )

Love and hugs..

Netia xx

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6 Responses to Sahagun to Mansilla de las Mulas

  1. Sally Rogers says:

    That is a lot of walking ,30 kms a day …totally exhausted even thinking about it !!!. Sounds absolutely exhilarating though!! Love, love, love reading your blog and the photos are wonderful and give us a great insight into your travels along the Camino.A sobering moment when you come across a tomb stone ….. Wow its all so surreal … Look after yourself xxoo

  2. Linda Geddes says:

    You are truely gorgeous. Thank you. Your uplifting words are a gift. Sitting at work reading about your experience is “just a little bit” like being with you (in spirit that is!) Looking forward to what comes next. Love Linda XXX

  3. Carol Mountford says:

    Get the gist of it!!! You express yourself so well, you should write a book on this trip! I envy you and I am sure I am not the only one! Not only your writing but the courage to do this trip alone. I look forward to lunch with you, Lucy and Hannah and hopefully you can infuse us with some of what you have, sounds like a life changing experience! Love Carol x

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