Hontanas to Fromista to Carrion de Los Condes

Yesterday was a long, hot day….36 kms in fact : )

I set off from Hontanas at 7.20 am, the morning was again very beautiful, so crisp and bright….and quite chilly.

Walking out of Hontanas I came across Ariana….she appeared quite a lot brighter and was determined to walk the 22 kms to the village where she had planned to stay the night. I walked with her for a little but then walked on ahead…only to meet her down the track at a little bar where I was having coffee. We once again said our goodbyes and off I went again.

The walk was stunning….wide, wide open spaces, the Camino in places…stretching far in front of me but the going was HOT!

I’ve been told that the beauty of the Meseta is in it’s skies. This indeed is true, as at times you feel like you are engulfed in a tranquil sea of brilliant blue….but also there’s a haunting beauty in it’s silence…when you stop and listen, you hear very little…maybe a distant bird trill but very little else. To me….this is a place that I haven’t experienced for a very long time. Ok..you can go there through meditation but this is a place that you can’t decide to leave when the times up…you need to go with it and enjoy the tranquility…and the HEAT!! : ) very emotive…oh, oh, the Meseta is casting it’s web over me….

I stopped in a small village called Castrojeriz for lunch, bocadilla con atun, queso y tomate..pretty standard fare in Spain : ), chatting with a small group of peligrinos from Spain.


I also met some other delightful Spaniards who were riding the Camino on bikes….they were a group of 10. I was able to chat to them as we were heading over possibly the last big hill of the Meseta…..before the flat!

Not far out of Castrojeriz, I came across some locals, who had set up a little coffee stop, where fruit and coffee was paid for by donation…. probably very wise of them in hindsight as I noticed that most peligrinos were putting way more than the standard 1 euro for a coffee into their little basket : )


Another sight I saw today was a very old man who was carrying a staff and with him, a flock of sheep and a donkey.


The walk into Fromista, was very pleasant, along a canal system…apparently unfinished as the rail system in Spain took over before it was completed.


This walk this morning was relatively short…20 kms. I left at about 7.30 but stopped at a small bar in Fromista for tortilla and coffee before I set off.

It was pleasant walk and I arrived in Carrion at about 11.30. I caught up with another Aussie, at a small bar, while she was waiting to catch the bus, to a town I’m walking to tomorrow…40 kms away. Actuallythere was a large number of peregrinos with her, with the same thought in mind!

I sat chatting, the bus came and went…but others arrived, so ended up sitting there for quite some time…having lunch and watching new and old faces arrive.


I felt a little of what I assumed the elderly Spaniards feel…they can spend many hours sitting on a bench…just observing : ) A very nice way to pass the time : )

Later today, after settling into my room and having a look around, I had a lovely night with Jenny and Dougall from Australia and Paul and Kate from Canada.

Time to go now…

Love to you all

Netia xx

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2 Responses to Hontanas to Fromista to Carrion de Los Condes

  1. Hi Netia
    It’s jo’s friend Denise. Lovely to read your blog and relive our journey as we also prepare for the 12 day Portuguese way in October. I am also doing a blog of our 18 months in Europe in campervan and am inspired by yours as it reminds me how great it is to follow a live journey as you do it. And, you are going GREAT! Best luck to continue.

    • wheresnetia says:

      Hi Denise!
      So glad you’re enjoying my blog and I’ll certainly look at yours! 18 months in a camper van around Europe! Lucky you. Enjoy Camino Portugese….can’t wait to read about it! Netia x

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