Carrion to Sahagun

Hi there…from a tired, but triumphant Netia…

No way am I going to let that Meseta get to me!!

Today I walked 41 kms, arriving here in Sahagun at about 3pm…it was a challenge to say the least..but I’m here and glad that I made the distance, as there wasn’t anywhere great to stay in-between. Thank you to Garry, who organised my accommodation, for making me do it, as I can now understand his rational : )

I woke this morning, bright and early…5.30 to be exact..not a good nights sleep, as I knew I had to be at it early as my day would be long.

Breakfast was at 6am and I was finally away at 7am after hooking up to the Internet and getting this blog up to date : )

The road out of Carrion was 17 kms of dead straight! For some it’s a challenge, as you can feel as if you are getting no where, as the scenery is unchanging.


Along this part of the Camino..there is literally no villages…the longest stretch, actually without a pueblo on the entire Camino Frances. There was one little shelter/ rest spot..and that was all!


It was a very welcoming to see the first village come into sight…actually more like 18 kms..where I stopped for a quick coffee, before pushing on…as I knew I had a long way to go.


We passed through several very small, very poor villages but I happened to stop in a good one, where the owner of the albergue, who also ran a restaurant there….made me an excellent bruscetta, for lunch.. Yumm!

I still had 10 kms to go, at this stage and to be honest the last 8 kms that I walked…I have very little recollection of…: ) My mind went into a Meseta meditation…I literally felt that I was on a travelator…the kind that you see at airports…where the ground was moving beneath me but no effort was expended from me…either mentally or physically….very weird experience : )

One very poignant part of my day,was when listening to some Leonard Cohen, I had a very powerful feeling of connection with dear Tiz, who died from breast cancer, at this time a year ago.. a few tears were shed, followed by a general feeling of well being…she’s there looking down on all her special friends..looking out for us all : )

A Camino musing I noticed on the way…made me smile…….

Well, I think I need dinner and BED! Such a big day…but I have another 37 kms to walk tomorrow, then a pleasant 16 km stroll into Leon, where I have a rest day : )

Another special day…so much reflection, so much to think about…not in a controlled way….but just letting my mind do it’s thing : )

Buenas Noches,

Love Netia xx

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