Burgos to Hontanas

Hi there everyone!

Ohh…La Meseta!!!

My introduction to it today, was like meeting an old friend…….I had heard so much about it, that I felt that we were well acquainted and our meeting was as I suspected….. dry, endless horizons, encased in a brilliant blue dome of sky…… truly beautiful.

I think, coming from a landscape such as Australia, it’s relatively easy to accept the wide open spaces but I know for some, the going will be tough…who knows, I may be one of them : )

Today was an early start once again… 7.30 am… beautiful, clear fresh, morning…. Feeling pretty good to be here : )

I set off on the short walk out of the city of Burgos, unlike the walk in!

Before long I met a man from France, Jean Paul, who like quite a few, had started in Le Puy in France. already he had walked over 1000 kms and he would have to be in his late 60s or early 70s! He walked at a cracking pace, talking in only French but curiously, once again, I understood un poco of what he was saying. He’s walking all the way to Santiago, which will mean that he’ll clock up more than 1600 kms! He was really very funny….we laughed hysterically, with no language communication but only gestures and the odd universal word : ) In the end I had to wave him goodbye, as he was way to fast for me…I would have been burnt out before the first 10 kms!

There he goes off into the distance!

I walked through the outskirts off Burgos, relatively quickly, listening to music and enjoying the beautiful morning…it was a stunning day.

Before long, I was walking in dry, undulating terrain, very relaxing and again the morning light was particularly beautiful.

I stopped for a coffee at a small town about 10 kms out of Burgos. There I ran into Ariana, who was still suffering from nasty feet problems : (…I feel so lucky that up until now, I have had no problems what so ever….but anything can happen on this walk and it can get you when you least expect it : )

We talked for a while and as I was preparing to push on Paolo came into view : ) Paolo and I walked for the next 12 kms together, after a stop to buy and eat food……lovely conversation..
I left Paolo in Hornillos…. as I had planned to walk another 12 kms. We will meet again : )


One of the many interesting things that I’ve noticed in this stage of the Camino, is that gradually people are beginning to not walk on groups….everyone except a few couples, are walking completely solo….individuals are strung out singularly…lost in there own thoughts….: ) Maybe because this is a tougher stage of the walk, peregrinos are having to start to dig deep. The land is dry and arid and the sun is VERY hot… I have a very strange tan developing.. If you were to have the pleasure of seeing me naked…I would be wearing white hiking boots, shorts and a t shirt …..highly amusing : )

I arrived at Hontanas at about 2.30pm, staying in a delightful hostal. Once again, I ran into Jean Paul, who tomorrow is walking to the same town as me, 35 kms away, so he intends to wait for me tomorrow outside the church at 7am! I indicated that he was too fast for me but he said he would walk at a slower pace….we’ll see……

Hontanas is a lovely little pueblo. Pretty, very old and full of atmosphere. It’s great in these smaller villages, as they rely on the peregrinos for their living. There’s many people that you see on the way..who arrive at the end of the day and spend the evening sitting around, tired, happy, having a drink together and relaxing before the day ahead…Wonderful atmosphere…..

Well, I’m off for an early dinner now then bed!!

Netia xx


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6 Responses to Burgos to Hontanas

  1. Sally Rogers says:

    Hi Netia ,Your photography is amazing….And I know I have said this before but you look so, so ,so happy and serene !!!! I am loving reading your Blog.Maybe more of us should be taking a page out of your book ….so to speak. Truly inspirational!!! xxxx

  2. Hi Netia,
    Your sites are wonderful ,so informative and great photos -certainly hope those feet keep on walking .Looks like you are having an amazing time and lots of stories lovely following yo
    x jane

    • wheresnetia says:

      Hi Jane, feet at this stage…are my best friends! They’re being very well behaved…unlike those belonging to a lot of others! Anything can happen tho…..got another big day tomorrow : ) Love to you all Netia xxxx

  3. Alan Lipka says:

    Hi Netia !

    Enjoyed the description of your tan ! Mine was the same, except that I have this odd pigmentation on my hands and knees. It’s actually a lack of pigmentation, so whereas my normal skin tans quite nicely, these “white” areas get bright red ! I used lotion to protect from burning, but to no avail. It made me look clownish, all those red spots and stripes, but made for interesting conversation !

    I see you are doing well so far. Buen Camino !

    ~ Alan

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