Atapuerca to Burgos

Hi there!

Seems so long since I last wrote but that’s what happens on this walk…the days meld into each other, time moves slowly as the steps are taken but when you try and think back to the day before…or indeed sometimes the morning just gone….a serious memory loss tends to set in : )
Curiously, this is the way with most that I have spoken to…. the mind slows and the issues that are of upmost importance for many people tend to dissipate……and I can assure you it’s not a result of the excellent, cheap Spanish wine!!! : )

I left Atapuerca at about 7.45 yesterday. it was an absolutely stunning morning… The light was clear and the air was crisp…a morning where you felt seriously good to be alive.


The initial climb out of Atapuerca before heading down into the industrial outskirts of Burgos was, I thought, very beautiful…maybe it was the morning light..not sure.


Then came the long walk into Burgos! I passed through three little villages, stopping at one for coffee, then continued on and as I gradually, step by step came closer to Burgos, the scenery quickly changed…becoming very industrial, then urban. it went on and on and on : )

I finally arrived at my gorgeous old hotel in the original part of Burgos at about 12.30 pm after a 22 km walk. The view from my window is nothing short of STUNNING! Completely breath taking!


The man who had organised my accommodation, maps and very succinct information and guides for me, Garry, from Spanish Adventures, happened to be in Burgos yesterday with a group of Canadian people who he was taking on a guided bus tour along the Camino Frances. We caught up for lunch, which was great, as I was able to ask lots of questions about the rest of the walk and also it was lovely to meet him and put a face to a name. I then accompanied him and the rest of his group on a short tour of a nearby castle that had been destroyed by the French many years ago… my speak for I can’t remember how many years..and I was told several times…it’s el Camino : )


Last night, I had dinner with a lovely couple from Perth, Jenny and Dougal and then fell into bed quite early, followedmby a big sleep!

Today, I woke reasonably early but snuggled back down under the blanket, with the comforting knowledge that today…I was going nowhere..: )

The morning was spent very indulgently…breakfast and then MASSAGE! Total bliss….. They hooked me up to an air compression machine after my massage, which was a little strange…but very relaxing and very therapeutic….when I walked out of there I felt completely wonderful : )

Walking back to my hotel, I came across Ariana, another peregrina, who was having major foot problems, so we went back and booked her in for some foot and massage therapy as well! She had an appointment later in the day, which seemed to be good for her, as she appeared to be a lot happier when I saw her later on at dinner.


The best thing that happened to me to today was walking up some steps with Ariana this morning and who should I see when I looked up but Paolo!! Thought I’d lost him again..but there he was!


That’s the Camino for you…..special friends may walk ahead or behind you but always you meet, time and time again…..because that’s just how it works…..: )

We spent a lovely rest of the day together…lunch, a visit to the unbelievably, spectacular, cathedral, walks, vino and dinner. : )

So much more I could tell you…once again but it’s late here now.. And I’m walking 32 kms tomorrow…beginning of the Meseta….where people have been known to totally flip out with it’s bareness, flatness and boredom! Wish me luck….200 kms..hope to do it in 6 days…very, very hot also…..HELLLLLPPPPP!!! : ). loving it really…what a challenge!

Love Netia : ) xx

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2 Responses to Atapuerca to Burgos

  1. Julie Hocking says:

    Good Luck crossing the Meseta Netia!!
    Sure you will enjoy spending the hours reflecting on all that your wonderful adventure has brought you already. So many new friends and experiences. Your Spanish must be really improving. I have been enjoying your experience through your blog. Loving seeing you so happy with big smiles!! Off to golf with the girls this morning. A beautiful Spring day here. Keep having fun……xxx….:))

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