Belorado to Atapuerca

Hola a todas de nuevo!!

Well, I’ve just had the most lovely day! : )

I left the hostal this morning, bright and early…on the road by 7.30, after a pleasant breakfast with the other peligrinos, hosted to perfection by the owners of the hostal. Very simple but great coffee, pan tostada, cheese ( which is starting to be one of my morning necessities) and fruit..
The small hostales and Casas Rurales, have been wonderful to stay in….the owners without exception have been warm, hospitable and more than welcoming.

The Camino today was very pretty. We walked through shady paths, forest tracks, steeeeeeeep uphill climbs and open farmland. It was a welcomed change from yesterday… but the change in environment put my head in a different space. There were many other peligrinos walking early, so lots of old faces but also many I hadn’t seen before..

The morning was very beautiful, fresh and crisp…made me wonder why I normally leave a little later each day than this……it’s so lovely to walk when the air is cool and you can actually breathe in the start of the new day……. (watch out Meseta…..she’s warming up…). : )

It wasn’t long before I was walking beside a new face…a guy from Sevilla, Spain. Had a pleasant chat with him and as he had no English, I was forced to dig deep and bring out the best of what I so far know! Surprisingly, he understood everything I said and we had quite an in-depth conversation. It was only when he started to talk about my status…. married or single, that I decided I needed to hot foot it out of there….muy rapido: ) Definitely not my type…..sorry Jose : (
Very fortunately for me.. A couple of young guys that I’d met from the night before in Belorado, happened to cross our path and I latched on to them, managing to lose poor Jose…felt a bit mean…but, oh well…that’s life : )

Getting back to the night before..I ended up in bed at 9.30! Had intended to hang around for the dancing and fireworks but after a few vinos and dinner with a few peregrinos, I slipped off to bed for an early night… Karma was not on my side however….I was just in that wonderful space between dreamland and complete blankness, when I was bolt upright in bed, with an absolute riot of fireworks happening not far from my bedroom window! No idea what the occasion was but I dragged myself awake and actually witnessed a lovely display of light and fire, from the luxury of my room, then fell into a relaxed, exhausted heap of complete unawareness….bliss..hmmmmmmm

Today was lovely in the fact that I was able to walk and talk to many, many people along the way.
Today, unlike yesterday, I needed to talk and share experiences and stories. I actually met a couple along the way….you’re not going to believe this…..who live about 1km from me in Albert Park!! Incredible! They were really nice and very much on my wavelength.

I walked for a bit with an older guy, who was French but was very fluent in Spanish…so again we had a nice conversation. He was very sweet, as he helped me with the correct formation of sentences, when I regularly made mistakes..I so love being able to converse with others from different countries and it only fuels my passion to travel more…. such a wonderful thing to be able to do.. I’ve been plugging Australia, big time…but most people say that they’d love to visit but it’s to far away : ( theres so many people that I’ve met that I’d love to show Australia to….

I stopped for lunch about 6kms from my destination. Very, very pleasant. There were many others there, either stopped for the night or having lunch and then heading on to their final destination. Had a lovely lunch of tortilla then continued on for another little while to Atapuerca.

Had to laugh, as I seem to be acquiring the name as ‘the singing Australian’ I have the unfortunate habit of singing and dancing to my music when I THINK I’m alone….oh oh……didn’t realise I was quite that loud……and also I can imagine I’m seriously out of tune….oh mi god! Oh well…not to worry : ) Funny thing with this walk, you tend to give people you meet labels, such as, I have labels for the Mexican Pied Piper, the karma man,Mr Reiki..and so the list goes on!

I’m staying here in Atapuerca, in an Albergue which is fantastic. Had a yummy dinner with four others from the UK. The owner was so busy at dinner I offered to help her but of course she turned me down.. but she gave me a lovely warm hug when I headed off to bed : )

So much more I want to tell you about today….but again : ) ….I’m sooooo tired!

Tried to add some photos but unfortunately when the Internet connection is slow, the app doesn’t work : ( so sad for me cos I wanted to show you what I’ve been rambling about.. Ok for all of you connected to my Facebook…but not good for those of you who aren’t …sorry : ) I’ll try again when I get to the BIG city of Burgos and see if I can add them then.

Besos y abrazos muy grande Netia xx

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8 Responses to Belorado to Atapuerca

  1. Alan Lipka says:

    A hug before bed … yipee ! 🙂

    Sounds as if you are having fun. How are your feet holding up ? Are those your toes at the top of the page ? Be sure to take a picture of them at the end so you can do a “before” and “after” comparison.

    Enjoy Burgos !

    Buen Camino, Netia, and of course … hugs !!!

    ~ Alan

    • wheresnetia says:

      Hi Alan!!
      Haha..a special hug for my Camino friends! Yes they are my feet……. when I belonged to another life ….. Scary to imagine what they’ll look like after another 500 kms : )
      Arrived in Burgos safe and sound..resting up here for a couple of nights before THE MESETA!!! Netia abrazos : )

  2. Annie says:

    Hi Netia!! We are loving reading your blogs, it takes us right there along with you and we are now reminiscing about our own travelling days many years ago. We can just see you singing and dancing your way along the pilgrammage – how wonderful! We think about you lots and how you are feeling etc so it is great to have the blog and feel connected. Take good care of yourself, we love and admire you lots, Annie and James xxx PS Poor Jose, perhaps a fling on the pilgrammage might not be such a bad idea??!! Hehehe….. xxoo

  3. Lucy says:

    Naww MUM!!! You’ve made me feel really sorry for Jose!! I can just imagine you (not so subtlety) trying to ditch him haha ohhhh Jose!!!
    Sounds like you had a great day, and meeting lots of people which is nice!! Love the blog.. Miss you though!! Xxxx

  4. Liz says:

    Ahhhh Venetia ….your walk sounds absolutely fantastic. many people, many faces, many cultures, many smells, to enrich your life on the road. And the European food…wow baguettes and more baguettes with a touch of vino and cheese. Spent a great night with Sally and Vic on my way back to PNG. Loved seeing them both. We had a fun time reading your blog. You are an amazing person to head off on the walk of your life …..go netia. We are with you all the way thanks to your fantastic Blog. love Liz xxx

  5. wheresnetia says:

    Hi Liz!
    Having the time of my life! Long way stillmto go though!
    Have fun in Manchester….love Netia xx

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