Santo Domingo to Belorado


Well here I am now after walking 22 kms…..feeling very tired tonight and looking forward to a rest day in Burgos on Tuesday, after walking 30 kms to Atapuerca tomorrow and 17 kms into the larger city of Burgos on Tuesday : )

The countryside is becoming drier, with undulating hills stretching far into the distance.. I suspect that a lot of the land we are now walking through is used for the harvesting of crops etc.


El Camino took us for a large part of the day along the highway, passing through many small villages… seemingly very poor in nature and because today is Sunday, not very much was open.
I was pleased that I had bought fruit and nuts the day before, as I decided to hang out until I arrived at Belorado, for lunch. One of the difficult things about this walk, is consuming sufficient calories and the correct kind of food to sustain your body, day after day. The food in this region of Spain is geared towards BIG meat eaters, although I’ve been able to eat lots of tortillas and paellas etc. to fuel myself with the calories and energy needed each day.


I choose introspection today and walked for a large part, solo…. Stopping in villages for coffee etc. with other peligrinos but then setting off by myself….enjoying my own company : ) I began by listening to my iPod….. maybe singing a little too loudly : ( ……..poor anyone walking nearby…I was totally unaware… After a while, maybe because of the relative monotony of the landscape, compared to that we have passed through over the past 10 days, I slipped into a more meditative state. One thing that became crystal clear to me, which is common sense but quite hard to totally come to grips with, is that true happiness must come from within and nobody should really be able to influence your own personal state of happiness. How others perceive you, is really only their opinion and I guess the trick is to accept others for their beliefs but don’t necessarily take them on board… Hmmmmm……just wait until I set off across La Meseta on Thursday, I’ll have many kms to walk each day with nothing much to look at….so much thinking will be done : ) : )


Tonight, in Belorado, I’m staying in a a delightful Casa Rural. The owners are absolutely delightful and when I wandered downstairs with dripping hair, gorgeous Elsa asked if I wanted to borrow her secador ( hairdryer) ….which I happily did : ) Tonight I’m going to hit the town with others staying here, as there’s dancing and fireworks in the main plaza at 8 pm…. hopefully I’m still awake..

Another happy day…different…but that seems to be the way.

Love Netia xx

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One Response to Santo Domingo to Belorado

  1. carol connolly says:

    Sounds like you are not only walking with your feet ……….but your ” true self ” is beginning an incredible journey. How wonderful for you to find it ! XX ……….one step at a time……….

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