Najera to Santo Domingo de la Calzada


Well, today turned on the waterworks for us for a good part of the day……but now at 9.30pm the sky is clear, the air is still and I think we’re set for another beautiful day tomorrow.

I set off this morning at around 8.30 but stopped only about 200 mts down the road for coffee as the sky was threatening…. But the drizzly rain set in for the 23 kms in front of me: )


Strangely though, it wasn’t bad. I was dry, thanks to a good jacket…and although my shorts were drenched, they are very quick drying, so all was good! My good old Aussie Tilley hat has been a godsend…and the envy of many a peregrino : ) despite protecting me from the sun, it’s also waterproof, breathable and will even float….so the advertising says…if you want it to!!

The Camino today was through areas heavily planted with grape vines….we are now walking through a region of Spain, most noted for it’s wine, red in particular. The path was wet and VERY MUDDY in some areas…..VERY MUDDY! I know you won’t believe me when I say this…. I can hear you all say, hmmmmm she’s going a bit loco… but the whole experience brought about some serious laughing! At one stage I was walking with a small group of peligrinos and we had so much mud stuck to the soles of our feet that we all felt like we were walking on stilts! I wish I’d got a photo. : (


It was a fairly easy walk. Despite the damp day, the countryside is parched, a far cry from the lush green of the Pyrenees, only 10 days ago…about 220 kms in fact : )

The interesting thing about this walk is, the more you just spend each day thinking about not much else than the actual moment, the more you are aware of your surroundings……so different from any travelling I have done before. There’s no urgency for anything really but for the gentle reminder to put one foot in front of the other…

There were two photos that I took today that make me smile, the one I’ve just published……it’s a long way to go…. and the following, which mirrors how I’m feeling…..AT THE MOMENT : )
You all will know if my mood changes….


I arrived in Santo Domingo this afternoon, wet, muddy and tired! My hostal is really delightful. First job was to peel off clothes, have a hot shower and find a lavanderia to clean a lot of dirty clothes,that have been building up over last few days!!

Next I went and visited the cathedral which I felt was truly amazing… It is steeped in history, as they all are…but there was something about this one that actually made me feel quite emotional..
Apart from being very beautiful, without all the full on glitz and bling that a lot of them have.. there was a highly spiritual element ( I’m not talking religion) present..

I had a dinner of paella near my hostal but went back to the cathedral for the peregrinos service. It was a very interesting experience. As most of you are aware, who are reading this blog, I’m not religious but have an interest in spirituality. I found the whole service captivating..not from a religious point of view but more spiritual. At the end of the service, as I was leaving, the elderly couple sitting next to me asked if I was a peregrina…..they said they could see it in my face……probably also, in reality, they got a good whiff of me : )

Oh well….bedtime for me now……the Camino does strange things to you..

Love Netia xx

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5 Responses to Najera to Santo Domingo de la Calzada

  1. Hannah says:

    I read your blogs religiously! I love them! Love the sun flower! Xxxx miss you!

  2. carol connolly says:

    loving your blogs too Netia ! Easy to forget that your ” one foot in front of the other ” not only takes you on a journey like yours , but also through life ………. one step at a time .

  3. Cathy Mellor says:

    Hi Netia, I love reading your blog each night.
    Isn’t it amazing that even in the provincial surrounds of Spain you can electronically tell your friends all over the globe about your day…love it.
    Cathy x

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