Viana to Logrono to Najera

Hi there everyone!

Not much to report yesterday as the walk was short, 10 kms, and I arrived at Logrono in no time..

I luxuriated in bed for the longest I have to date on this walk, had brekkie and was on the road by 10.30…….. bad girl!!

Before long I came across a delightful couple from Madrid who were walking a portion of the Camino. They were very generous with their time with me and encouraged me with my bad Spanish….they spoke NO English. The woman, Pas, was lovely, actually they were both lovely but she spoke slowly and clearly, whereas her husband, Angel, was a lot more animated and spoke very quickly…presuming I understood. every now and again he said , “entiendes?” and unfortunately more than often I had to reply with ” no”. : (

We walked the 10 kms to Longrono together, with Angel constantly stopping and plucking fresh figs from trees, blackberries from vines, breaking open almonds freshly picked from trees and grapes from vines. He was so excited to tell me of all the foods that could be eaten along the way, going to great lengths as to which were best to eat and their Spanish names etc. etc etc. By the time we had arrived in Longrono, we had literally consumed a feast of foods!

I parted company with them as I went in search of my hotel, with the promise of catching up later on, at no pre organised time, to meet with some other peregrinos in one of the streets in Longrono crowded with bars and good food.

Later on that afternoon I had a text from Paolo saying that he had arrived in Logrono.. We met for a sangria, and then went to marvel at the cathedral.. In almost every pueblo so far, the main cathedral or iglesia has been totally magnificent. Spectacular gold leaf work, paintings and architecture. In the catedral in Logrono, there was even a small painting by Michael Angelo!

Later on we ran into Pas and Angel, and had an amusing night, wasting time as we followed them around, trying to decide what bar to choose, lots of discussion but not much action!!

Paolo had mentioned that one of the albergues was preparing a dinner, followed by a meditation session, then dinner, which I would have much preferred to do…but somehow the time slipped away and we missed it all… : ( Seems to happen a bit here…. You spend each day living in the moment and although for me I have my accommodation booked and I know where I’ll be each night, it’s really where the day takes you, that is left up to chance..I like it ! : )
I walked with a girl from Germany this afternoon for a bit, who had attended the dinner and had said it had been a lot of fun, lots of laughs and that the albergue was run by a seriously delightful Italian man… Oh well, hopefully I don’t miss out next time. : )

Today, I walked with Paolo from Logrono, leaving at about 8.30. We ran into reiki master and a had an enjoyable breakfast with him then continued on our way….again parting company, as I was putting in a 30 km day and he had decided to walk to a gorgeous village 10 kms before Najera. We will meet again along the Camino : ) I stopped for una cervesa and tortilla, then continued on for a bit chatting to the german girt, then opted to walk by myself. I walked a very pleasant 8 or so kms with Gurrumul blasting on my iPod….. So great to walk to!!!!

Well, here I am now in Najera, tired, happy and smiling… I walked into Najera with a couple from Perth! There hasn’t been a lot of Aussies, so it’s always good to have a chat with people from home.

I’m off to my room now, shower, wash clothes…a daily ritual as I don’t have many, only two pairs or shorts and three t shirts to walk in, over 5 weeks, find a supermarket for some food and I think a picnic on my bed tonight…..before a very early night!

Night from a happy Netia xx





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3 Responses to Viana to Logrono to Najera

  1. Sally Rogers says:

    Hi Happy Netia,
    Have you met many people doing the entire walk..?
    Once again love reading all your news and love the pics esp. the little dogs .They knew how to get a good picture taken…!!Very cute !!
    Love Sally x

  2. unadara says:

    Your blog is great, and you have great photos too, well done on your Camino, I read your link on the camino forum. How could you go out for a drink and not get “washed and changed” haha, so look forward to doing the same, starting on the 13th Sep. I will keep reading your news.

  3. wheresnetia says:

    Hi Una, glad you are able to follow my Camino and so excited for you starting so soon….less than 2 weeks to go! Buen Camino!

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