Los Arcos to Viana

Hola a todos!

Shortish walk today…18 kms. It’s weird to walk so little, you just feel like keeping on going. Tomorrow I plan to walk only 10 kms but then a few big days after that, so I’m treating these days as rest days.

I set off today at about 8.30, feeling just great!! : ) Sadly I’ve parted company with my Italian friend Paolo, I’m a little ahead of him now…but that’s how the Camino works, people come and go, new faces appear, familiar ones evaporate, only to reappear a little further down the track. The people, as the scenery are ever changing. Everyone walks at their own pace…there are many, many people walking solo. I’ve met one gorgeous woman, Nicole, who is French and walked all the way from Le puy in France! She walks at a snails pace, I can’t understand a word of what she’s saying but curiously at the same time I have a total report with her…. she has a really beautiful energy about her…next when I see her I’ll take a photo of her. She must be in her 60’s, is round and VERY HAPPY! Haha!

The walk today was pretty easy with a few interesting uphill bits : )


We walked through farmland, passing through vineyards, olive groves, walked along main roads, and Camino pathways.


The most amusing sight I saw today was medical emergency, Camino style! This poor Canadian woman had a quite a lot of pain in her calf. I was walking with a Spanish guy and we rounded a bend in the path to see a French man performing reiki on her… can only happen on the Camino… My companion leapt into action, unzipped his backpack to reveal, literally a travelling pharmacy! Before anyone knew what was happening, he had unrolled a blanket for her to lie on and produced scissors, tape, pain killers..and set to strapping her calf, very FIRMLY!! He was issuing orders to her in Spanish as to where the pain was…and I was desperately trying to translate for both of them….I’m sure confusing things even more…..the whole situation was highly entertaining!!

The guy in the background is our reiki master…..I’m not sure who was more effective …. Reiki man or the Spanish pharmacist!!

Well here I am now in Viana, a lovely little cobblestone village and staying in a gorgeous old hotel.
Plan to put myself to bed early tonight as I’m a little tired and even though tomorrow’s an easy day I want to refresh myself for the days ahead.


Buenas Noches

Netia XX

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2 Responses to Los Arcos to Viana

  1. Carol Mountford says:

    Hi Venetia, so enjoying your blog! What an amazing experience! I thought I was doing well yesterday walked to mornington and back (16kms) and you call 18 kms a short walk! You have become such an adventurer, stay happy, Carol x

  2. Alan Lipka says:

    Dear Netia –

    So glad you were able to enjoy Viana.

    ~ Alan

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