Pamplona to Puenta La Reina to Estella to Los Arcos!!

Hi there!!

Can’t believe three days has passed….time has just flown and I’m already regretting the end of this walk : (

The days are spent literally putting one foot in front of the other, through ever changing countryside…. one day I’m walking through shady country lanes or secluded bush tracks and the next day the scenery is of fading sunflowers, lush vineyards, huge haystacks…and the list goes on. If you can access my Facebook you’ll see what I mean!


Having so much fun with the other peregrines.. Very interesting collection of people, lots of stories to tell….what makes someone feel compelled to walk 800 kms on a whim? : )

Yesterday, I set off at about 8.00 and literally meandered along, thoroughly enjoying being in the moment and chatting to people as I went. The strain of the kilometres is starting to show with some…but it amazes me that they continue with sore shins, blisters, sore knees….there’s an absolute will to continue and everyone is encouraged along the way. There have been moments when I’ve felt an overwelming emotion about just having the privilege to be involved with this walk, it’s a strange feeling.

I was sitting on a rock having a rest, with a view over a small farm…enjoying the relax when the owner of the farm called out to me from below, something that I couldn’t quite decipher, when who should come trundling along but my Italian friend Paolo.. he is much, much better with Spanish than me, and the farmer was actually getting me to do a detour, so I could try one of his apples. We had a pleasant chat with the farmer and continued on our way.

We ended up adding about another 5 kms to the day yesterday , in search of a very old octagonal church…which we found but it was closed, opening in 3 hours time! We had a brief conversation about sitting it out but elected to continue, with the temptation of a hot shower in sight.

Lovely dinner last night in Estella, beautiful paella,a little bit too much vino:) and lots of fun!


Haha…how’s the photo of me! Hmmmmm….. : ) There were five nationalities sitting around that table and the communication was perfect!

I want to tell you all so much but I never have time to get it all down : (

Tomorrow I’m going to try and write more regularly on this blog so I don’t forget..

Miss everyone but can’t deny I’m making the most of every minute…..who knows, more than likely the tone will change when I begin my walk across the Meseta….250 kms of dry, flat, hot wheat fields …

Anyway for the time being, I’m smiling!!

Love Netia xx

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One Response to Pamplona to Puenta La Reina to Estella to Los Arcos!!

  1. Sally Rogers says:

    Hahahahahaha . Netia you make me laugh .I LOVE reading ” wheresnetia”. xx

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