Larrosoana to Pamplona

Hi everyone!

I woke early today as breakfast in La Casa Sangalo was going to be ready at 7.00 and once againI wanted to head off while the weather was cool.

Gorgeous Alfonso had everything on the table ready to go when I poked my head in the kitchen.
I wish I’d taken a photo of him….he’s a round, cuddly Spanish abuelo, loud and forthright but as soft as butter.


Yay….got the photo thing happening!
A very traditional Spanish breakfast, bread, cured meats, cheese,homemade jams and VERY strong coffee! I actually had the baguette stuffed with cheese and salami….. A far cry from the bowl of muesli at home but actually pretty good!

I set of on a slightly shorter route along the highway for about a kilometre and then did a little detour to meet up with the main Camino again. Who should I meet at the junction of the two routes but Paolo, the Italian man from the day before!


I ended up walking with him to Pamplona. Had a great chat about travels, Italy, beliefs, an organisation in Brazil which he is very involved with on a voluntary basis and everything! Lots of laughs as well : )

The track was again, incredibly easy to follow, with those now comforting yellow arrows or cockleshells, always there to reassure you that you were heading in the right direction.


Pamplona is a beautiful city. I’m staying close to the main square….had a look round this afternoon, beautiful weather and a bit of a buzz about the place.

Short little story today but at least you’ve got some photos to amuse yourselves with : )

Off for dinner now and then off to bed.. Puenta La Reina tomorrow, 23 kms down the track….
Life is good!

Love Netia xx

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4 Responses to Larrosoana to Pamplona

  1. Carol Mountford says:

    I am pleased for you Venetia, sounds amazing and only the beginning!!

  2. Julie Hocking says:

    Sounds like you are having fun. Thanks for the blog. It’s great keeping up with you. Looking forward to next installment. xx

  3. Louise Dockery says:

    Vicki gave me your blog and am enjoying the journey. Wonderful photos. Look forward to following the journey!

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