St Jean Pied dePort to Rocesvalles! 25th August 2011

Couldn’t have asked for a more magnificent day today…….weather was completely perfect, the scenery over the Pyrenees was mind blowing…..the walk was tough but totally brilliant……ummm do you get the feeling that I’ve just had a great day? : ) Haha!!

So good to be in Spain now…as can be expected all those years of Spanish study is being put to good use….loving trying to talk to the locals!

Set off this morning bright and early, couldn’t wait for the 7.30 breakfast, tooooo excited. Set off with fruit, a baguette, local French goats cheese, almonds and raisins and LOTS of water.

Stopped after about 8 kms at a tiny little hamlet called Orrison, where you could get a coffee, food if needed and a bit of a rest : ) Met lots of delightful people, many nationalities but managed to somehow bridge the language barrier with universal gestures!

Theres a lovely comradeship amongst many of the people attempting this walk…but who knows how many of us will make it to Santiago de Compostela on the other side of Spain….we can only keep our fingers crossed and spirits high.

The walk to Roncesvalles was essentially a tough up hill climb along narrow mountain roads and shady tracks and lanes…..truly beautiful. Then just when you think that maybe you’ve had enough the terrain changes, and it’s all down hill….very,very steep down hill, through shady woodlands.

I arrived at Roncesvalles at around 2.30 pm tired but elated, staying in a delightful hostal, opted for the peregrine meal at 7pm as I’m sooooooo tired.

Having a few problems with Internet connections, so hopefully my posts will be reasonably regular.It’s a little bit difficult to post lots of photos on this site but I want you all to see them, so they’ll be on Facebook…….Internet permitting.

Love Netia xx

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One Response to St Jean Pied dePort to Rocesvalles! 25th August 2011

  1. Hannah says:

    Sounds incredible! I love reading all this – you are amazing! I love you! Xxxx

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