Roncesvalles to Larrasoana..

Another brilliant day…

I had planned to set off this morning at 8.30, after breakfast but was wide awake at 7.00 and after hearing the muted sounds of others outside setting off in near darkness, I had to get up and join them. Hahaha…. now I can hear the groans from my girls….what ever they may say, I’m only a tiiinnnny bit competitive : )

Out the door by 7.45, walking this morning in a gentle drizzle, not uncomfortable however, wearing waterproof jacket and the outside air was warm.

First stop was only 3 kms down the road at a lovely little bakery for coffee and crusty bread and cheese.

Fully fortified, I set off down a delightful track, off the main road, through thickly wooded areas and open farmland. The Camino is very clearly sign posted. Whenever there is a possibility that you may wander off course, suddenly a yellow arrow or cockleshell sign ( the emblem of the Camino ) comes into view. Unfortunately I forgot to put the memory card in my camera, so sadly…no photos: ( Although the going was damp, the photography today would have been beautiful….trust me… More groans from my girls.. I traversed small streams, gorgeous stone walk ways, rustic gateways and lots of ups and downs.

Along the way I met many interesting people. A Spanish family of 4, who were walking part of the way. I had a lovely Spanish conversation with the mum, basic stuff but lots of fun. I walked for a while with a charming Italian guy who spoke un poco de espanol as well….and reasonably good English, so we chatted in a mixture of English and Spanish. There’s such a variety of people walking, some in groups, some solo…but you have to put yourself out there and share the experience with all that you meet. Well…maybe there’s some that you walk past head down, assuming a pretence that you’re otherwise occupied..: ). Not rude, just selective…and I’m sure there’s those that do the same to me!! Everyone is keen to hear your story if you want to share it…but if not, you could walk the entire Camino in a solitary style I’m sure… but not for me though!

I arrived at Larrasoana, after 28 kms walking at about 2pm. My accommodation is wonderful. I’m staying in, what feels like a family home. I have a very comfy but basic room and the family of the house have just carried on with their business as if I weren’t there. Every now and then the 4 yo little boy pops his head into my door and says loudly, “Que haces?” (what are you doing?) , then gets scurried out by his mum or grandma! He’s sooooooo cute!

I had a little wander around the village later this avo and met up with some other ‘peregrinos’who I had encountered today. Had a drink with them at small pub before going ‘home’ and having dinner with the family. The end of me tonight was the liquor which I witnessed the abuela making today with her grandson….anise with cranberries…..very delicious but dangerous : )

Night..time for bed for me… Want to leave by 7.30 to see as much as possible of Pamplona.

Netia xx

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2 Responses to Roncesvalles to Larrasoana..

  1. Sally Rogers says:

    Sounds like you are making good progress each day… Great reading xx

  2. Hannah says:

    Hahaha groans of your girls… No groaning here, I’m smIling for you! Xx

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